The C Word… Cesarean .

AKA C SECTION.11372221_1602174526723218_346589427_n


I wanted to discuss the recovery. Obviously, I am not a doctor so anything I write is purely my experience meant to help anyone who is about to have a c section or who just gave birth.

Since some of you asked for advice about a fast and easy recovery I have to be completely honest. There is no short cut to healing from a c section. The advice I will give you will hopefully help with a smoother recovery, but a c section is a major surgery as you know, so we are forced to be patient. Here are 5 things that I hope help you out beyond a generic google search.

  1. BROTH. Although the flowers I got from my visitors were beautiful, the most helpful gift I received (from my mother in law) was homemade chicken broth with steamed veggies and no salt.Bone broth is packed with amino acids like proline and glycine, which are needed for collagen production and great for skin healing.Traditional broth can really help recovery and it was so much tastier and healthier than orange jello that the hospital offered.
  2. NURSING PILLOW. This was so helpful. I used the brand My Breast Friend. It was a savior since I had no upper body strength and breastfeeding burns a bunch of calories so if you can (I know it might be painful) try to stick with it if your body allows.
  3. BINDING. I asked the nurse to wrap my belly tight with the girdle and I believe it really helped with holding everything in place. The hospital provided one but you can always bring one with you just in case.
  4. SILICONE GEL SHEETS FOR SCARS. I love the “epi-derm” brand although they are pricey. The more affordable brand is “scar away” … You won’t need this right away but it’s great to order them online so you have one less thing to worry about once your baby comes! I started using them after my first follow up doctors appointment when he took my tape off and I am still using them now although I alternate with 3M micropore tape.
  5. EXERCISE….but obviously once you get the green light from your doctor. I stuck to simple planks and then would add in the tilted planks (I feel like exercise should be a whole separate blog post!) I’d also like to add that I waited a long time until I finally worked out.
  6. MILKMAID TEA. Maybe it was the tea or just a coincidence, but my milk came in about 2 days after James was born…so it definitely is worth a try.

I’m sure I’m missing a million other things. So please ask me below any other questions you have.







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  1. Hi Sarah 🙂

    I had a c-section and gave birth to my gorgeous baby boy Flinn just 4 days before you! I had an extremely different experience with it though, long story short a 26hr labour with no pain relief for 24 hours before being told I would have to deliver via c-section due to Flinn being lodged firmly in my pelvis.

    My recovery was extremely difficult too, I had an infection, then developed a hematoma, then developed an abscess. I was on total bed rest for 8 weeks and only cleared to exercise after 12 weeks – and ordered to take t slowly!

    I write my story not for attention or sympathy, but to explain my questions 🙂

    The first would be; is it worth getting the epi derm strips and/or girdle now – 21 weeks+ post section? Do you know if they would help my scar and belly so much later? (especially as imy scar was thickened and worsened by everything that happened during my recovery and I was in so much pain across the entire lower half of my abdomen that I couldn’t wear any compression clothing).

    Are the epi derm strips single use only? I looked on the website but couldn’t find an answer to that…

    I’m not sure if you can answer my questions, but as a mama who knows about fading the scar and slimming down post baby, and who has a baby so close in age to Flinn, I thought it was worth asking 🙂

    Thank you! I love your instagram pics! 🙂

  2. Hallo from germany.

    i love to read you blog and i m looking forward for those workout tipps you got.
    My babyboy was born on 29th of april this year. My scar is red and sometimes when my baby is kicking my belly or when i get my Period the scar is hurting .
    Do you got the same problem or is your scar totally recovert.
    God bless you and your family
    may all of you go the right way
    Is your hubby a part german ?

    ps : your baby boy is so bautiful
    Love a lot

  3. You’re such an incredible person and i know this will help a lot of people . I’m your really big fan of yours. And this all… the pregnancy the haters that could not understand that every pregnancy is very different the birth that you gave birth the cutest baby ever and the motherhood you are AMAZING XOXO love you ???

  4. I’m nearing 4months post , 2nd baby , first csection
    My first baby was natural and the recovery fast
    With this baby and having a toddler I haven’t been wearing my waist cincher as I did with my first
    I lost all my pregnancy weight but I’m still carrying a pouch
    Is it too late to use my cincher now? Any good advice , workout ? Food ? Not happy with this flap over my scar

  5. I wish my wife had this advice 30 years ago. However, I will pass it on to my niece who will have to have a C-Section this month.

    Thanks for all the great info!

  6. Sarah, you also encapsulated your placenta right? I also did that and it has helped me tremendously with my milk (i believe my hyperthyroid meds messed with my breastmilk production last time because my dose was too high) and my mood. I am almost feeling like myself. I did not have a C section.

  7. Thanks for sharing I had my baby before yours and it was an emergency c section. Could’ve definitely used the tips but I guess it’ll work for baby #2. I was told my baby was 6-7lbs but she was 2oz shy of 10lbs. I am sure petite and short less than 5 feet I think so I don’t think that helped much either:(

    Please share your diet during pregnancy and work out routine

  8. I was astounded when I first saw your 8 mo baby belly. For a second I thought it was a typo. You’re so lucky to have such an amazing body. Are you still breastfeeding?

  9. Thanks for sharing these advices with us, I was so upset to have a CSection, but your words bring me confort ! How long did you have to wait to go back to sport ? Thanks again James Hunter is so cute always smiling !

  10. Did you try the lactation cookies? I found an awesome recipe that helped as well as saved money ?? I double binder with the hospital girdle and a belly bandit… Wish I would’ve known about the belly bandit with my 1st c-section. 2nd c-section recovery was much more fast than the 1st. Mother’s Milk tea from Traditional medicinals is a good one too ?? how’s your skin been post partum? I tried out that face wash you mentioned in a blog you wrote about some of the skin care products you were using throughout your pregnancy. That face wash is amazing and now my husband uses it too ? if you want that recipe for the cookies, I can email it to you or via Instagram ??

  11. Sarah, you’re such an inspiration to momma’s-to-be, such as myself! I’ve been following you on Instagram since my third month of pregnancy and enjoy seeing your journey from your pregnancy posts to cute baby James’ pictures! I am 33 weeks and 2 days. I am expecting my first child (baby boy) and it’s especially different doing it alone, without the baby’s father involved. But following you and some of your hardships have definitely told me to keep going and stay strong, regardless of what people say or negativities that come your way. So thank you. Stay beautiful!
    -Dana Voorhees

      • Dear kassandra,

        I am five months post-partum and it’s still tender to the touch! But am thankful that my baby girl is healthy and safe, and thank you for replying.

    • Hi ladies,

      I had a c section too. In the midnight when I wake up for feed my baby my scar burns so bad. Other times it doesn’t hurt but only midnight. I have numb feeling too. I’m 2 months postpartum. Does anybody have that burning feeling?

  12. I remember vividly the first time I ran across your page. All I kept thinking was ” OMG this women did not really just have a baby, right?!” I was 36 weeks pregnant and the size of a blimp! Pregnancy was not as glamorous as I pictured it to be , but the glimpses of your life as a new mother that you’ve shared really changed my perspective. It eased some of the fears I had of becoming a new mom. You truly inspire me to embrace my sexuality and continue to live my life without using motherhood as an excuse to become an insecure woman confined to her house. I thought that would be me, but you are a part of the reason why I’m not 🙂 though I’m far from picture perfect, you motivate me to keep putting in work. I take my three month old son everywhere like the gym, beach, mall, you name it. Keep doin you, Sarah ! You’re truly an inspiration and congrats on your beautiful family.

  13. Hello from London! Great blog and thanks for sharing your experience. I’m 30 weeks with my little man & hope I’m as stylish a mama as you are! Take care

  14. Mrs. Sarah,
    First off I would like to comend you on the attention you have brought to fit mothers everywhere. It has been great seeing so many other mommy’s push past the stereotypical pregnant women and do something extra ordinary through their pregnancy journey.

    I too had a c section this year. I had an homebirth planned, but Ms. Hannah Banana was breech. So the whole recovery process was a major worry. Research helped me alot. Any who I enjoy seeing all the positive inspiration you are giving everyone, myself included. Keep it coming. Bless you and your family.

    Kassandra aka kassie

    Ig @kasss_fit

  15. Hi sarah
    Im also a mother of 8months old baby and i also had a c-section delivery but i gained so much weight after it.looking at u i ws surprised that u r back in ur shape n figure plz suggest me how cn i loose weight!!

  16. Are you still breastfeeding?? How long imdid it take for you to heal and not feel pain even if walking around? Today is my 1 week from having a c sec

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