His Nursery.

Well, it has been one crazy week. What has kept me sane (besides the support of my loved ones) is… decorating baby’s nursery!! I wanted to create a peaceful calm place for baby and me to relax. I wanted to share details with you. I can give you info on EVERYTHING from chandelier plate to rug!



Okay I will start with the CRIB…. we got the crib from www.KidsOnlyFurniture.com .. I love the two tone and the linen panels on the side!!!

GIRAFFE: $75 Amazon.com

Chandelier: $150 Ebay user GriselleFiss

Chandelier Medallion: $30 Lowes.com

Elephant Stuffed Animals: $20-$50 Pottery Barn Kids

Sheep Skin Rug: $175 Amazon.com

Wall Art: $150 ($50 each) Vintage Bellini from ebay store: GriselleFiss

White Slipcover Rocker $85 from Craigslist

Elephant Crib Sheet: Pottery Barn Kids

Headlight Lamp: Pottery Barn Kids

Wooden Letter “J”: $9 HomeGoods

Side Table: $69 HomeGoods






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  1. I wanted to say how lovely and simple this is. I found a very similar nursery design I may use if I am confirmed pregnant. I will find out for sure next week as my hubby and I had to do ivf. I am like you very tall (5’10 )and slender and in shape. I applaud you for eating right and showing being active during pregnancy is not only doable but great for both mama and baby! I wish you would post some of your diets/ workouts though. I maybe having twins myself. May God bless you and your family. 🙂

  2. The room is gorgeous!!! That baby is going to be super love, healthy, and spoild. Your going to be great mom I can tell don’t let people get you down with stupid comments that they post. You are one great smart looking hot mom congrats on ur baby boy n welcome to motherhood!

  3. I think its awesome how you kept your body in shape and then got pregnant and still look good .. I am proud of you and love your pics

  4. Hi!
    I love this look!
    Where did you buy the decoration above the window? It matches your chandelier ceiling medallion. Did you buy both of them together? Did you pain them yourself?
    This is gorgeous.

  5. You are beautiful and extremely blessed! ignore the haters who are envious and jealous of youe beauty & your beautiflly, well toned body!!! I applaud you and pray for an easy delivery, a very healthy baby and much love and success in all you do!!!

    Give me some of your wisdom and tips on obtaining and maintaining such a beautifully toned body, please. I would like to look like a model even if I’m not because your beauty & your toned body really rock!!!!

    God bless you & the father, Baby James, your extended family, loved ones and friends in Jesus name.

  6. Oooh sarah am so amazed by the way you look. I honestly wish i had followed you earlier i wouldnot be suffering to get back into shape…gave birth 3months and 3weeks ago..i will tryout your way when i decide to have another one…goodluck and the nursery is so beautiful

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