Attempting home made baby food with Beaba cooker

At James last doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago, he suggested that we start introducing solid foods to James. I immediately knew that I wanted to feed him fresh fruits and veggies but got intimidated about making him food myself.

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So after doing some research I ordered the Beaba Pro Babyfood Maker. It has a steamer on the top and a blender on the bottom. It’s small so it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space AND it’s really easy to clean.

As far as what to feed James, our doctor suggested veggies first since fruit is sweet and James probably wouldn’t like ANY veggies after tasting sweet yummy fruit!  He also told us to introduce a new veggie every 3-5 days in case he has an allergy to something, we will be able to pinpoint which veggie/fruit it is!

Everyone is different but so far this order has worked for us.

  1. Squash
  2. Avocado
  3. Peas
  4. Green Beans
  5. Sweet Potato

Hope this helps any mommies wanting to commit to making food for their babies but who are also #MomsOnTheGo



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  1. I just saw your post on IG and had to see which machine you got for him and I am ordering mine now! I love that you are posting info on what works for you and what products you prefer. Have you found that the one multi-portion tray storage is enough for when you make a batch of veggies/fruits?

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Were you exclusively breast feeding your little one in the beginning? I love that you seem to be able to continue to have a social life/career with a baby and wondering how you were able to do that. Also, were you keeping a strict schedule in terms of feeding and naps? Any tips are much appreciated!

  3. My son is only a month old can u please suggest to me some of the foods u gave to James hunter. Am a new mom bottle feeding and breastfeeding

  4. Aww this is cute he’s growing up fast ♥♥♥ he had been already introduced to solids..Wow Jamesy ?♡♡♥♥?#GodBlessYou

  5. Hi Sarah! My baby boy was born the same day as James so I love following you on Instagram and checking out your blog I get so many ideas from you. This post was very helpful I just ordered it! Cant wait to use it. Thanks ?

  6. When James reaches 6 months and can have a thicker texture of food, brown rice and purple turnips are an excellent choice for a combo and high in nutrients. ? brown rice with avocado is fave of babies too ? hope James is enjoying a the yummy new food he’s having ?

  7. Hai sarah im from indonesia.. Love ur blog and love ur ig.. My son a week older from ur son.. My son is 5months 1week old.. But my doctor said that he can eat food wait untill 7 mo.. Super saaaad.. He’s a premature baby 34w2d :'( n now.. So hard to gain his weight.. Frm the daynhe was born untill now he gained only 3,6kilos.. (He born 2kilos) so many people told me that “owh maybe ur milk not good,non tasty Or maybe ur milk is full of foremilk.. Blablablabla” huhuhu it breaks my heart..

  8. How offen dso you Feed him?
    I also exclusivly breastfeed. My Boy is 15 dass younger than yours. He is 66 cm and 8050 Gramm. I also want to Start because i think He is Ready ist. But People making me anxious that He might get bigger :/ Can you please Share some recipes and tipps for me.
    I also have a babycook from beaba but i use die Cups from avent for the frigd. Because they also good for Milk


  9. HI sara I have a question I have a baby boy 3 weeks old but I have problem for breastfeeding did you use some pills or tea for have a lot of milk? thank you

  10. Hello gorgeous mama!! Thanks for sharing what are u using as a food maker … I got the baby bullet… Now I wanna try beaba?.. Hows your milk production? Since I work n I hardly pump my milk production has been so u mind sharing how u keep yours? Thank u for sharing your mommy life !!God bless u n your beautiful family xoxo❤

  11. My baby girl is james age i started feeding her similar things, but its so hard, she never seems interested in the food, and doesnt open her mouth for it, and would rather have milk, what do you suggest i do?

  12. Hi Sarah
    I have a daughter and on the 10th october she will be 6 months…
    Next week I’m going to try for the first time to give her veggies etc…
    Now I’m still breastfeeding, every 3hours and at night she still wakes up to eat a little bit…how do you manage to go out with your friends if you’re still breastfeeding?
    I also saw on your pictures that your babyboy can sit by himself, did you do something so he learned it or did he just do it:)
    Any tips on anything are welcome:)
    Love love your babyboy!!
    Kind regards

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